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It’s the perfect course to get you started, guide and support you - and give you the key to a dream achieving life. Step, by simple step. At your pace. And Kristina’s guidance is practical, powerful and fun.


This course will give you exactly what you need to harness the life changing power of dreaming, to grow and transform your life in small and simple steps. To uncover what you truly value, your passions and your purpose as the foundations for discovering what your dream life can look like and the simple steps to make your dreams a reality.

From the idea that brought you here, to that beautiful moment ahead when you look in the mirror, give yourself a wink, and know that you’ve created your dream life, whatever that means for you.

With access to Kristina – who will be doing the same work you’ll be doing at the same time so you can compare notes – you’ll be part of a highly supportive community of other inspired dream chasers as you work through it step by step.

Your curiosity has led you to be in the right place, right here, right now… and this course gives you exactly what you need to get clear on your dreams and moving towards making them happen.


“My purpose in life is to inspire and empower people just like you to turn hopes and wishes into considered dreams and achievable actions.
I want you to be able to look back on your life one day and know that you had the courage and self-belief to turn your hopes into actions. And I want to support you to overcome the normal self-doubts we all have so you can transform your wishes into powerful heartfelt dreams and then into an achievable roadmap with every-day actions that lead you to living the best life you possibly could.
Your dream life.” 

By the end of this course, you will:


✓ Feel comfortable & confident in the driver’s seat of your own life (not being pushed and pulled by others)

✓ Have clarity on what you value most in life (and be comfortably using that to guide beautiful decision making)

✓ Feel the wonderful energy of knowing exactly what your purpose in life is (and beyond wondering why you’re here on earth)

✓ Know what you’re passionate about (and how to follow your passions)

✓ Have three powerful well considered dreams you love written down on paper (and be feeling so excited about them!)

✓ Have a clear plan of exactly what the key actions are that you need to take (to make your dreams come true)

✓ Be confident in yourself that you’ll know what to do when things don’t work out as planned (they never do!)

✓ Have the comfort of knowing you have a clear one-page dream road map to follow (keeping you on track)

✓ Have a community and network of supporters (who are just as happy to support you as they are to chase their own dreams)

✓ Be well on your way!

Before we tell you about this life-changing course, let’s talk about who it’s really for…


This course is for people who want something more from life. People like you, who are aware of their unique potential - who have hopes, ideas, wishes and dreams - but just not quite sure exactly what that means or where to start.


“It’s the course and supportive community I wish I had years ago. Perhaps like me back then, you’re feeling a little lost or uncertain about whether the life you’re living is everything you want it to be. An itch you can’t quite scratch.” - Kristina


In an uncertain world with so much change happening, someone or something has inspired you to act. To re-think things. To explore your hunches, push through self-doubt and reach into your heart to open yourself up to the possibility of a life that truly fills your cup. You want to make the most of your precious time here on earth.


Whether you’re…


  • curious but unsure how to start with the many hopes and wishes swirling around in your head
  • feeling a little lost and unsure what to do with your life (like me 20 years ago!)
  • excited to transform your life but feeling you don’t have enough time
  • grappling with self-doubt (like we all do at times) and don’t have the support around you that you need
  • worrying about what your peers or family or friends might think of you stepping forward to chase your dreams
  • or clear on exactly what you want but uncertain how to make it happen


You are in the right place …and in this course we’re going to give you the powerful tools, inspiration, and guidance you need to make the most of your unique potential.


And along the way, you’ll become part of a supportive community of dreamers, as excited about supporting you as they are about discovering and chasing their own dreams. And we’ll have fun in the process!

“Kristina is one of the most down to earth, fun and inspiring teachers you could ever find!

I used her guidance and tools to discover dreams in my heart that have led me to completely transform my approach to life and my own business …and the results have been remarkable. If you’re looking for where to start, don’t walk to Kristina, run!”

AnnaCarin McNamara


"Thank you Kristina for creating the Dream Life digital course.  I loved being able to inspire and be inspired, support and be supported, listen to and be heard by you and the others.  It was like having a dream cheer team, and I was so motivated by the sharing of all our dreams, wins and challenges in such a warm and encouraging group, i dared to write down three even bigger dreams than when I was dreaming on my own.  It was transformative, and I cannot wait to see where dreaming takes you, me and the dream cheer team.  I'm so very grateful. "

Kate Morell


"Thank you for creating an impactful course.  Since I was a child, I have always been a dreamer and looking to make life even better;  however as a working Mum and wife, life can be hectic.  This course supported me to create the time to dream and importantly act on these dreams today, not tomorrow when I have more time.  I found the Your Dream Life Starts Here Digital Course rich in content, with a clear call to action within each module.  This enables you to move closer to your dream life.  This course helped me clarify, focus and importantly give energy to the effort required to create a dream life for my family and I."


"I found the whole course is very inspirational. I learned a lot from Kristina's mindset and habits. She cared about this cause so much that she wouldn't close our sharing sessions until everyone finished their sharing and questions.  Also, I like this lovely community space. We shared our wins, dreams and struggles, which kept reminding me to dream big. So, a big thank you to Kristina and my teammates." 



Meet Kristina

Your Dream Life Starts Here Digital Course is designed and hosted by Kristina Karlsson. Learn more about Kristina's inspiring story and her big crazy dream.

Kristina's story

Success stories…

My life was changed dramatically one morning at 3am – over 20 years ago - by the power of dreaming when my friend and partner Paul took time to inspire me to stop and dream. I didn’t know it at the time – but that was one of the most important moments of my life.

That simple list of dreams, written on paper, led me to create my dream life. Like so many human achievements, it all started with dreaming. Since then I’ve spent years collecting experience, inspiration and learnings and I love sharing them to help others.

For the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of travelling the world and sharing my approach to dreaming via my book, workshops, masterclasses and speaking engagements. The stories I’ve heard back from tens of thousands of people who have been inspired to transform their lives are simply amazing.

Time after time people who have followed my dreaming practice have created wonderful results for themselves and others around them – transforming their lives and the world in turn.


What we cover in this course…


Dream Without Limitations – Where it All Starts

You’ll learn how to open your heart and dream without limitations – and through the magic of this, together we’ll help you discover and create a long list of dreams that resonate deeply with you. And how to incorporate the practice of dreaming into your life in a way that will open you to immense possibility.

Where Am I Right Now and Where do I Want to Go?

With a real grasp of unconstrained dreaming – and a heart full of excitement for how your future can look - now it’s time to take small but important steps towards action. Here I’ll guide you through important self-reflection to get a clear and honest understanding of where you’re at right now and to start building the foundations that will help you know where you want to go – and why.

Lets Dig a Little Deeper

Life is short and here I’ll challenge and guide you to look deeper into what you don’t want from life, to help you get clear on what you do want and what will truly fill your cup. It’s the exciting, simple and practical work to uncover the real reason you’re on this earth – your unique Purpose. And this important work will lead you to make a start on drafting a blueprint for your Dream Life, which at the halfway mark of the course will be starting to become clear… how exciting!

Designing Your Future – a Life Created by You, For You

This is such an exciting stage in the course where we share the often-overlooked secrets and wisdom that will support you to make it all happen. You’ll learn the immense power of visualising your dream life, practical approaches to dealing with the inevitable obstacles that will come – and most importantly, we’ll help you prioritise your dreams. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything all at once.

Moving from Dreaming to Doing…

And now we move to the doing. Yes, this will have you buzzing every morning you wake up. I’ll teach you how to start, how to beat procrastination and the simplest way to create the actions steps to help you effectively move towards achieving your dreams. “Confession – you will learn some secrets I wish I was taught in school. Simple, but amazingly helpful, forever.” - Kristina

In Flow and Making it Happen

So exciting as you build on everything you’ve done and move into the flow of making it happen. With access to a supportive community of fellow dream chaser – because people that don’t understand won’t understand - this is where we share all of our practical learnings on how to achieve your dreams and how to embed your learnings to set you up for the life of your dreams.

When you enrol during this special limited time period, you’ll get:


Your Dream Life Starts Here Digital Course

✓ 6 inspiring & practical Modules including 43 inspiring video guides from Kristina to bring the learnings to life for you – yours to guide you weekly for 6 weeks (or at a pace that works for you for up to 12 months) showing and guiding you through literally EVERYTHING you need to do.

✓ A complete step by step plan for creating your dream achieving life

✓ A beautiful designed printable workbook with all exercises you need to create your dream life

You’ll be given access to one Module per week, so you’ll have ample time to dive into the lessons, contemplate and reflect – and then make big progress for yourself, before moving on to the next.


We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from any feeling of overwhelm. We want this process to be enlightening, effective and full of joy for you. And each week you’ll have the chance to interact via our private Facebook Group with Kristina and other participants.

Plus, you’ll be backed by a Risk-Free 14-day Guarantee


Let us say this upfront…

This course will give you exactly what you need to harness the life changing power of dreaming, to live a dream achieving life and to grow and transform your life in small and simple steps. To uncover what you truly value, your passions and your purpose as the foundations for discovering what your dream life can look like and the simple steps to make your dreams a reality.

Our community is selected as carefully as possible and filled with motivated, helpful, and supportive members just like you. When you join, you will be part of this special group. A true support network. 

And here’s the kicker.

By the end of the 14 day guarantee you would have received the first 2 Modules. Meaning you will have had the chance to really get started, learn, interact with the community, do the work and validate whether or not the course is what you hoped it would be (we believe you’ll be loving it completely by then!).

However if for some reason you work through the first 2 Modules, you do the exercises and give it a good shot but it doesn’t feel like a fit for you, simply reach out to our team, show us the work you’ve put in, and we’ll give you a full refund. Full details here >>>

Burning Q’s your fellow dream chasers asked before securing their place in the course…

Lastly, don’t forget that you have 12 months of access to the program, so you truly can move at your own pace as your time allows.

Still thinking about it?

You should give Your Dream Life Starts Here Digital Course a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

✓ You want to live your best life… like, really badly

✓ You want a life that is designed by you, for you

✓ You want the best possible life you can dream up

✓ You think it’s incredible to be alive and you want to make the most of this one precious life you’ve been given

✓ You want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life

✓ You want to discover and tap your passions, values & purpose

✓ You want some support & to be part of a community of other likeminded people who are on a similar path

✓ You want to be excited about getting up in the morning and working towards YOUR dreams, not someone else’s dreams

✓ Want to live a life without regrets

✓ You want to get to the end of your life and know you did everything you possibly could to live a life of your dreams, even if it felt impossible

If some or all the above resonate with you, you’re ready to take the leap and invest in yourself.

I personally cannot wait to inspire, support & guide you towards Your Dream Life, whatever that means for you.


If it wasn’t for a friend inspiring me to write my dreams on paper one night at 3 am I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have dreamed up my business and life. I wouldn’t have connected with millions of people over stationery love, discovering our dreams and living our best lives every single day. I wouldn’t be waking up every single morning so excited to get to work. I wouldn’t have this big crazy dream to inspire 101 million people to write down 3 dreams and chase them. And I wouldn’t have written my book or created this course for you.

I know how hard it is to not know what to do. I know how hard it is when you lose everything and you don’t know where to start again, or if you even can do that. I know from my early days how hard it is to go to work every day not loving it. I know how hard it is feeling alone and wondering is there more to life than this.

I’ve met and studied hundreds of the world’s most inspiring people. I’ve consolidated and tested and tried and refined my learnings as I’ve shared them with thousands of others. And I also know that by taking time to think, be inspired & surround yourself with inspiring people, we can all create an inspiring life for ourselves without knowing where to start, how to do it or know if it’s even possible.

I did it. In a new country, no network, English as a second language, no knowledge or idea about how to make my dreams come true, with no money and just a bucket full of enthusiasm to give it my very best. If I can do that, anyone can.

And it’s my life’s Purpose now to share my learnings to inspire and empower people just like you.

And a little reminder, life is short, now is the time to create YOUR dream life. Let's not be one who will get to the end of our lives and regret that we didn’t take action and create a life that we loved.

I can’t wait to do this with you. Let’s do it!