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I love helping people discover, chase and achieve their dreams. It's what gives me the biggest joy in life.


But of course creating your dream life isn't easy. We’ve all been there...


Perhaps you feel like you don’t have enough time amongst your day-to-day juggle of all-the-things.


Maybe you believe you don’t have the resources to make your dream a reality.


You might be worried about what others may think of you—or how your dreams could affect them.


You may have a niggling fear of having to ‘start all over again’.


…Or maybe, you have no idea what your dream life would even look like!


It’s ok, I hear you.


I've spent a decade helping guide tens of thousands of people around the world to discover, chase and achieve their dreams. Yep, there are barriers but nothing worth achieving comes easy. It's why I've taken everything I've learned and put it into this digital course for you. It's my answer when people ask me 'where do I start?'. 
Your dream life is waiting for you and I'm here to help.

Whether you’re looking to completely reinvent your life, put some new daily habits into practice, take that project you’ve always wanted to start and make it happen, or make a big life transition—like starting a whole new career—then you don’t want to miss this transformative course.


Through six powerful modules, 47 insightful videos - supported by a series of Zoom catchups - I'll guide you step-by-step thru how to discover your dreams and turn them into reality.


Hint: it’s much more possible than you may think... and it feels fantastic when you look back and can say 'I did that!'


But it will take grit, accountability, a clear action plan and a supportive group around you—all of which this course and the associated Live sessions are designed to help you with... in a genuinely fun and uplifting way :)

This course offers you:


There is no greater feeling than a sense of knowing your purpose in life.

Action Plan

Have a clear plan of exactly what the key actions are that you need to take.


Knowing you have the power to put your dreams into action.


Know what to do when things don’t work out as planned.


When you’re connected to a community of likeminded people, you start to believe you can… and then you do. And it’s here that your life starts to change.


When you’re living a life aligned to your dreams, you’ll be amazed at the renewed sense of energy you have.

What you'll get:

Six powerful modules - including 47 insightful videos - that show you step-by-step how to create your Dream Life. More info below.

12-month online unlimited access.

Weekly online group Q&A sessions for 6 weeks with Kristina and other Dreamers (+ options to upgrade to additional smaller group Platinum or private  Platinum+).

Group Zoom session with a Surprise Guest - a worldwide leader in personal growth.

Access to a wonderful community including our private Facebook Group of like-minded & supportive Dreamers. 

A Personal Message from Me to You...


About Kristina

Kristina is a global entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Having founded kikki.K at the age of 22 with little more than a love of stationery and a big dream, she turned her passion for great design into a global brand.

Now, with deep personal experience of the power of turning dreams into reality, Kristina has developed her own unique approach to the practice of dreaming - then doing - and is on a mission to inspire & empower millions of people the world over to discover and follow their own dreams.

Success stories…

My life was changed dramatically one morning at 3am – over 20 years ago - by the power of dreaming when my friend and partner Paul took time to inspire me to stop and dream. I didn’t know it at the time – but that was one of the most important moments of my life.

That simple list of dreams, written on paper, led me to create my dream life. Like so many human achievements, it all started with dreaming. Since then I’ve spent years collecting experience, inspiration and learnings and I love sharing them to help others.

For the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of travelling the world and sharing my approach to dreaming via my book, workshops, masterclasses and speaking engagements. The stories I’ve heard back from tens of thousands of people who have been inspired to transform their lives are simply amazing.

Time after time people who have followed my dreaming practice have created wonderful results for themselves and others around them – transforming their lives and the world in turn.

Below are just a few...


"I used her guidance and tools to discover dreams in my heart..."

"Kristina is one of the most down to earth, fun and inspiring teachers you could ever find.  I used her guidance and tools to discover dreams in my heart that have led me to completely transform my approach to life and my own business …and the results have been remarkable. If you’re looking for where to start, don’t walk to Kristina, run!"

AnnaCarin McNamara



"This course helped me clarify, focus and importantly give energy to the effort required to create a dream life for my family and I..."

"Thank you for creating an impactful course.  Since I was a child, I have always been a dreamer and looking to make life even better;  however as a working Mum and wife, life can be hectic.  This course supported me to create the time to dream and importantly act on these dreams today, not tomorrow when I have more time.  I found the Your Dream Life Starts Here Digital Course rich in content, with a clear call to action within each module.  This enables you to move closer to your dream life."

"It was like having a dream cheer team..."

"Thank you Kristina for creating the Dream Life digital course.  I loved being able to inspire and be inspired, support and be supported, listen to and be heard by you and the others.  It was like having a dream cheer team, and I was so motivated by the sharing of all our dreams, wins and challenges in such a warm and encouraging group, I dared to write down three even bigger dreams than when I was dreaming on my own.  It was transformative, and I cannot wait to see where dreaming takes you, me and the dream cheer team.  I'm so very grateful." 

Kate Morell

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Within 14 days, and after completing the first two modules, there is a money back guarantee on this course. We believe after two modules you will have had the chance to really get started, learn, interact with the community, do the work, and validate whether the course is for you (we hope you'll be loving it by then!). However, if for some reason you work through the first two modules, do the exercises, and give it good shot but it doesn't feel like a fit for you, simply reach out to our team, and we'll give you a full refund.

But please, do not buy this course unless you truly want to discover & chase your dreams - and to create your Dream Life, whatever that means for you.

What we cover in this course…

Dream Without Limitations – Where it All Starts

You’ll learn how to open your heart and dream without limitations – and through the magic of this, together we’ll help you discover and create a long list of dreams that resonate deeply with you. And how to incorporate the practice of dreaming into your life in a way that will open you to immense possibility.

Where Am I Right Now and Where do I Want to Go?

With a real grasp of unconstrained dreaming – and a heart full of excitement for how your future can look - now it’s time to take small but important steps towards action. Here I’ll guide you through important self-reflection to get a clear and honest understanding of where you’re at right now and to start building the foundations that will help you know where you want to go – and why.

Lets Dig a Little Deeper

Life is short and here I’ll challenge and guide you to look deeper into what you don’t want from life, to help you get clear on what you do want and what will truly fill your cup. It’s the exciting, simple and practical work to uncover the real reason you’re on this earth – your unique Purpose. And this important work will lead you to make a start on drafting a blueprint for your Dream Life, which at the halfway mark of the course will be starting to become clear… how exciting!

Designing Your Future – a Life Created by You, For You

This is such an exciting stage in the course where we share the often-overlooked secrets and wisdom that will support you to make it all happen. You’ll learn the immense power of visualising your dream life, practical approaches to dealing with the inevitable obstacles that will come – and most importantly, we’ll help you prioritise your dreams. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything all at once.

Moving from Dreaming to Doing…

And now we move to the doing. Yes, this will have you buzzing every morning you wake up. I’ll teach you how to start, how to beat procrastination and the simplest way to create the actions steps to help you effectively move towards achieving your dreams. “Confession – you will learn some secrets I wish I was taught in school. Simple, but amazingly helpful, forever.” - Kristina

In Flow and Making it Happen

So exciting as you build on everything you’ve done and move into the flow of making it happen. With access to a supportive community of fellow dream chaser – because people that don’t understand won’t understand - this is where we share all of our practical learnings on how to achieve your dreams and how to embed your learnings to set you up for the life of your dreams.

Burning Q’s your fellow dream chasers asked before securing their place in the course…

Lastly, don’t forget that you have 12 months of access to the program, so you truly can move at your own pace as your time allows.

I personally cannot wait to inspire, support & guide you towards Your Dream Life, whatever that means for you.


If it wasn’t for a friend inspiring me to write my dreams on paper one night at 3 am my life would have been so very different. I wouldn’t have dreamed up my business and life. I wouldn’t have connected with millions of people over stationery love, discovering our dreams and living our best lives every single day. I wouldn’t be waking up every single morning so excited to get to work. I wouldn’t have this big crazy dream to inspire 101 million people to write down 3 dreams and chase them. And I wouldn’t have written my book or created this course for you.

I know how hard it is to not know what to do. I know how hard it is when you lose everything and you don’t know where to start again, or if you even can do that. I know from my early days how hard it is to go to work every day not loving it. I know how hard it is feeling alone and wondering is there more to life than this.

I’ve met and studied hundreds of the world’s most inspiring people. I’ve consolidated and tested and tried and refined my learnings as I’ve shared them with thousands of others. And I also know that by taking time to think, be inspired & surround yourself with inspiring people, we can all create an inspiring life for ourselves without knowing where to start, how to do it or know if it’s even possible.

I did it. In a new country, no network, English as a second language, no knowledge or idea about how to make my dreams come true, with no money and just a bucket full of enthusiasm to give it my very best. If I can do that, anyone can.

And it’s my life’s Purpose now to share my learnings to inspire and empower people just like you.

And a little reminder, life is short, now is the time to create YOUR dream life. Let's not be one who will get to the end of our lives and regret that we didn’t take action and create a life that we loved.

I can’t wait to do this with you. Let’s do it!



International praise for Kristina's book & content...

Arianna Huffington

New York Times bestselling author & Co-Founder of The Huffington Post

"For anyone looking for more meaning, purpose and joy in their lives, this book is a wonderful place to start - a simple guide to help you tap into your childlike sense of wonder, reclaim your life and thrive."



Robin Sharma

Author of #1 worldwide bestsellers 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' & 'The 5am Club'

"If you're ready to live the life of your dreams, read this book now. It'll be a beautiful use of your time."



Li Cunxin

Bestselling author of 'Mao's Last Dancer'

"I know well the power of dreaming and of writing those dreams down on paper. It's truly life transforming. Kristina's book not only gives you permission, it shows you how in a simple and practical no-nonsense way."


Alisa Camplin-Warner

Winner of a Remarkable Winter Olympic Gold Medal

"Discovering and then chasing our dreams is what drives us forward, bringing passion and purpose to our lives. Finally we have a book that will unlock your dreams and help you start achieving them."



Dr Libby Weaver

Leading Nutritional Biochemist, eleven-time bestselling author and international speaker

"The insights on dreaming & doing in this beautiful book open you to a flow of ideas and inspiration from your brain and your heart - and you never know where the learnings on offer might lead you! Awakening to your dreams and the immense possibilities they foster serves not only your quality of and excitement for life, but that of the world."



Dr Tererai Trent

Oprah Winfrey's All-Time Favorite Guest

"Kristina's book provides the key to tap the dreams in our heart, gives us permission to claim our greatest purpose, and provides us with the tools to forge a brighter path - for all. Kristina tenderly and fiercely speaks to our hearts - to find strength and awaken our dreams to connect to something greater than ourselves."