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Make new habits stick & surround yourself with a supportive community of inspiring, growth-minded people. 


It's easy to start a new habit, but hard to stick to it once the excitement has cooled off a bit, so give yourself the best chance of success possible, by ensuring you have the know-how & a support group to be accountable to.


It's easy to start a new habit, but harder to make it stick!  Get the know-how, and the support network you need to successfully ingrain new habits into your life. 


  • 12 month access
  • Private Facebook Group for accountability & inspiration
  • Members Site, which holds:
    • Habit Challenge Workbook 
    • Habit tracker checklists
  • Regular inspiring input from Kristina in the Facebook Group
  • Monthly emails to inspire you


What's it all about?

There's a secret to making great new habits stick: 

Make them small and easy to do.

...So if you want to run everyday, and don't consider yourself a 'runner', you don’t start out with running 10k. You may start running for one minute and add to it.  Your Habit Challenge for that month could be just to get out the door every day with your running shoes on - & run for a minimum of 1 minute!

It may seem insignificant, but it works so well, as all the small things add up, and soon it becomes part of your life.


How: You can do your Habit Challenge however you wish, but we typically run them in two ways:

  • On a monthly basis - a month is a great amount of time to try a habit out, & to start to make it stick. 
  • 66 Days - If you find a habit that you really want to commit to, research says that 66 days will really make it stick, & I have found that when I do something for 66 days, it becomes part of my life and I often keep it, expand on it, or do a version of it. 

So you can always do a 66 day Habit Challenge if you like.


Where: The private Facebook Group is the central meeting place for the Habit Club, where we all post our updates, share wins / challenges, &  support one another. In addition to this, the Members Site is where we store any workbooks, checklists and other resources, plus where you manage your account. 



Which new habit should I choose?

There are so many good habits that you may want to add to your life; drinking more water, exercising regularly, reading more, meditation, gratitude practices.  You may also want to plan your year according to things in your calendar - eg preparation in the month prior to a big event, participating in 'Dry July' or 'Mindful in May' etc..the possibilities are endless!  You probably have your own list of what you feel you need most in your life.  The key is to do it daily,  & keep it simple. You will receive a FREE bonus PDF, 'Habit Ideas' to get you started.  A little tip; choose something that takes you in the direction of your Dream Life. 


How will the Private Facebook Group help me?

One thing I have realised over the years is that I stick to this IF I have a support group. So I normally would ‘drag’ some friends into it and I will create a messenger or WhatsApp group and I would post in that daily when I have done it – this will keep me accountable but it also inspires me when the others in the group has done it.


Over the years, I realised that some of my friends (and family) don’t love a challenge as much as I do – so I have created the Private Facebook Group 'Habit Club'.   Once in, you will be surrounded by others who are doing a challenge of their choice, which means you will be inspired to see what they do as well as keep you accountable


You can start a new challenge whenever you like!


Will Kristina be in the Facebook Group?

YES!  I will be doing frequent Habit Challenges, sometimes monthly, sometimes for 66  days, so will be in the Facebook Group posting & cheering you on.


How long will my access last?

Your access will last 12 months, at which point your payment method will be charged an additional AUD$97 for the coming year.  This will continue until you cancel your subscription in the Members Site.


Some recent feedback from a Habit Club Member...

"Today marks a year since joining the first Dream Life Zoom session with Kristina, fellow dreamers and habit chasers. WOW… WHAT A YEAR!
I live my life COMPLETELY different now. The support of Kristina, and all of you, has helped me achieve so much:

  • From Unhealthy Eating to Healthy Eating
  • From No Exercise to Daily Exercise - sometimes twice a day
  • From Unfit to Fit
  • From Lack of Energy to Energised
  • From Overwhelmed to Focused
  • From No desire to be out in nature to Loving my daily walks in nature
  • From Large daily consumption of energy drinks and soft drinks to Rarely consumed
  • From No Personal Development to Reading Personal Growth Books
  • From Many Hollow Activities and Hours to More Impact Activities and Hours
  • From Feeling lost because the majority of my dreams were travel related (which came to a sudden stop) to New dreams associated with Health, Fitness and Family

A huge THANKS for everyone’s support in the Habit Club over the year!!!

Looking forward to joining Kristina’s Grow Club to ensure I keep the momentum going." Anon


Anything else?

In addition to the Workbook, which will teach you all about successfully installing new habits, I will also post tips & tricks on how to stick to a habit, as well as inspiration & quotes to keep us motivated.  Any shared documents will be located within the Members Site.

A monthly email will also help to keep you on track.


Habit Club -  AUD$97 annually


Email us at info@yourdreamlifestartshere with any further questions

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