Online Live Workshop

60mins Live with Dream Life Founder Kristina Karlsson facilitating 


From OVERWHELM to CLARITY in 60 Minutes


Learn a simple approach to breaking that feeling of overwhelm – to cultivate Clarity, Calm, and Purposeful Progress

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"Kristina's strategies for managing overwhelm are life-changing. I'm now more focused and productive than ever!" - Rose, DIgital Strategist 
"Thanks for your time today Kristina, I've come away with so much more than I thought possible ❤️" - Peta

A valuable 60 mins for you...

Feeling swamped by endless to-do's?


You're not alone. I've been there so many times over the years as I built a global business from zero - feeling pulled in every direction - and I've found a strategy that consistently brings me back to focus and calm productivity. Every. Single. Time..

Join me for this life-changing 60-minute workshop where we'll tackle overwhelm together – and you’ll do the work as we go - so that by the end, you’ll have an amazing sense of clarity, direction, and calm. Knowing what your top priorities are.

Along the way you’ll learn the practical and repeatable process I use before every new quarter to prioritize, plan, and proceed with confidence and clarity.


Workshop highlights:

  • Duration: 60 minutes, live and interactive.
  • Materials: A comprehensive workbook is included.
  • Sessions: Choose from two convenient dates/times.
  • Outcome: Your chaos turned into a sense of order. 

This Workshop Will Help You If:

  • You're drowning in tasks and unsure where to begin.
  • Your days are filled, yet you're not progressing on your goals.
  • Stress about your to-do list keeps you up at night.
  • Deciding what to focus on first seems impossible.
  • You find yourself caught up in the urgent at the expense of the important.

Expect to Walk Away With:

  • A much clearer head, with your key tasks, to do's and ideas clearly out on paper.
  • Understanding of what's urgent versus important to you.
  • Confidence that nothing important will be overlooked.
  • A sense of calm and readiness to tackle the next quarter. 


Remember, "It's not the load that breaks you, it's the way you carry it."


Let's lighten that load together for you!


I'm excited to share this journey with you and help transform your overwhelm into a clear path forward – just like I’ve done for myself literally thousands of times.


…and please, encourage a friend or two to register so you can talk it through and help each other after.


Your session will be on Zoom and accessed via an emailed link. Your camera & microphone will be off & you can participate in the Live Chat if you wish to connect with other Dreamers, or ask Kristina questions. And you'll receive a link to the recording to watch again whenever you like.


...there'll be time for Q&A at the end.

Choose from 2 session times:

Workshop 1:


Tuesday 20th February


8pm AEDT

(5pm Perth, 7pm Brisbane,  5pm Singapore, 9am London, 4am NYC)


Workshop 2:


Sunday 25th February


9am AEDT

(6am Perth, 8am Brisbane,  6am Singapore, 10pm on 24th London, 5pm on 24th NYC)

Register 25/2/24

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