Join us on Wednesday 15th May 2024

on Melbourne's beautiful Mornington Peninsula

Hosted by Dream Life Founder Kristina Karlsson, with special guest Simone Callahan



Join this transformational day where you'll learn the benefits & methods to plan your own regular Solo Retreats. Learn by doing...

Learn How to Run Your Own Personal Solo Retreats ‚Äď While on Retreat:

A Unique Dream Life Experience hosted by Kristina 


In the bustling rhythm of your everyday life, finding time for genuine solitude & reflection is a rare and deeply enriching treasure. As my friend Robin Sharma says, ‚ÄúGenius loves solitude.‚ÄĚ

From years of personal experience, I know for sure that it's within these islands of quiet time and reflection that we discover true clarity, a profound connection to our inner self and the space and creativity to restore, renew, reinvent, and refine our futures.

Taking myself on mini solo retreats has brought immense value to my life over the years, and I want to show you how it will bring the same for you.

This immersive one-day experience - at a beautiful retreat property on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula ‚Äď has been carefully curated to guide you step by step through the process of creating your own mini-retreats. Islands of space in your busy life for reflection, renewal, and inspiration.

Join us for this transformative day, where you'll experience the serenity and clarity a mini retreat offers, while gaining the knowledge and tools to curate your own in future.

Hope to see you there ūüíõ


Dream Life & kikki.K Founder


The Details

Exclusive: Limited to a group of 12 participants, the experience promises personalised attention and a tranquil environment for profound reflection, growth and learning.

Date: Wednesday 15th May, 2024

Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm AEST

Venue: A breathtaking retreat property in Shoreham, Victoria, on the wonderful Mornington Peninsula (just under 100kms / 1 hour drive from Melbourne CBD). Details provided in registration pack.

This is a day event - any required transport or accommodation is up to you.

Please email us at [email protected] for accommodation recommendations.

Parking: Available free onsite.

Dress Code: Casual / active wear. Clothes to relax & move, we will do some gentle yoga & walking. Best to check weather conditions as you pack (avge temperatures in Shoreham for May are: High of 16C and Low of 9C - with 9 days of rain monthly on avge).

To Bring: Pens & pencils for journaling.


  • All food and beverages: morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, water, teas, coffee. Dietary requirements can be accommodated, so let us know if anything specific for you.
  • Personalised Dream Life Retreat Journal
  • All required equipment (incl yoga mats)


This carefully curated day retreat is designed to offer you the serene space you need to listen to your own voice, away from the noise and distractions of daily life. 


Overnight Option on the 15th May (post retreat): Subject to demand, the property has 4 spare rooms (2 x double bed and 2 x twin) and the option of staying overnight is available for an additional AUD$997 (including dinner, breakfast and a morning walk in nature - all with Kristina. Checkout by 11am on 16th May).


If you have further questions - or want to know about the overnight option - please contact us¬†at [email protected]



Investment in Your Growth & Wellbeing Includes:

  • An Inspiring Day of Learning: Replenishing & inspiring activities which will¬†equip you to run your own regular solo-retreats - while you're immersed on retreat.
  • Gentle Yoga with Simone: Helping connect body & mind for your day of discovery.
  • Up Close Time with Kristina: An opportunity to learn so much more along the way.
  • Make Valuable New Connections: Enjoy the company of like-minded people.
  • All Catering: Delicious & nutritious¬†catering.
  • Personalised Retreat Journal: Document your journey¬†& insights in¬†your beautiful journal.
  • Thoughtful Gifts: Receive a premium¬†swag of carefully selected items, to enhance your retreat experience.
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Retreat Highlights:

Pre-Departure: Begin your journey with a specially curated podcast and inspirational reading material. A welcome email on registration will detail all you need to know about the venue, what to wear & bring, and pre-retreat materials.

Personalized Welcome: Arrive by 8:30 am to a warm greeting, with coffee/tea awaiting you, setting the perfect tone for a day of introspection and connection.

Engaging Workshops with Kristina: Dive deep into the essence of a solo retreat and learn the art of planning your own retreats.

Gentle Yoga with Special Guest Simone Callahan: Connect with your body and mind through a gentle yoga session integrated into the program, led by renowned author & yoga teacher Simone, amidst the tranquillity of nature. Simone's new book Growing with Grace uncovers the holistic relationship between yogic wisdom, inner peace, nature, and spiritual wellbeing.

Meditation & Mindfulness: Experience peace and clarity with guided meditation sessions, allowing you to deeply connect with your inner self.

Scenic Walks & Nourishing Meals: Enjoy wholesome lunches and snacks while exploring the natural beauty surrounding the retreat property.


If you have further questions, please contact us¬†at [email protected]

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Key Takeaways:


Deepened Self-Understanding: Attendees will gain profound insights into their own dreams, thoughts, and feelings through guided journaling, meditation, and the peaceful grace of the retreat setting. This self-awareness is a powerful step toward personal growth and fulfilment.

Tools for Continuous Growth: Participants will leave with practical skills and knowledge on how to create and run their own solo retreats for ongoing self-reflection and rejuvenation. This includes learning how to effectively use Kristina's approach, meditation, mindfulness, movement and journaling for reflection, self-discovery, creativity and planning.

Renewed Inspiration & Clarity: The combination of serene environment, engaging guidance, and personal introspection will spark creativity and provide clarity on life's decisions. Attendees will return home feeling inspired, with a clearer vision of their path forward and how to pursue their dreams and goals.


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Secure Your Place:


With only 12 places available, this unique opportunity to discover the power of solitude in the beautiful setting of the Mornington Peninsula is not to be missed. 

Secure your spot now for an enriching journey that will inspire, rejuvenate, and empower you to embrace the beauty of retreats as a tool to unlock your Dream Life.

Join us for this special day, where time for you becomes your gateway to self-discovery and future growth.

Breathe deeply, live fully, and unlock the potential that lies within.

Learn how to run your own personal retreats in future ‚Äď just for you.

Embrace the space where you can hear your own thoughts, feel your own feelings, and be truly present with yourself.

It's in these moments of undisturbed peace that you’ll find clarity, creativity, and a deeper connection to your inner self.


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This is for you if...


  • You need a day away to find yourself again
  • You feel you need a re-set¬†
  • You're looking for a breakthrough
  • You want to know how to incorporate solo retreats into your annual rhythm
  • You're living a full and busy life and find it hard to get away for a longer retreat¬†
  • You have children and find it hard to get away and can only find one day for you
  • You're getting close to burnout and don‚Äôt want to go there¬†
  • You've lost your enthusiasm and creativity in your job or business¬†
  • You value yourself and your health¬†and want to invest in your growth


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About Kristina:


Kristina Karlsson is the founder of kikki.K and Dream Life, author of best-selling book Your Dream Life Starts Here, Coach, Mentor, International Speaker and Mum.

Having been on and hosted over a hundred retreats in various parts of the world - and with deep experience in making valuable breakthroughs on her own regular solo retreats -  Kristina has become a sought-after expert on how to run productive retreats.

She is deeply passionate about sharing her learnings to help you and others around the world discover and chase their dreams.

Click here to listen to Kristina's podcast episode on how she's benefited from solo retreats... 


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