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When was the last time you had a dream, and really believed in it?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would you do if you had all the money and time you needed? Explore the possibilities and be inspired to realise your dreams with Kristina Karlsson, Founder of global Swedish design and stationery brand kikki.K, and author of the book Your Dream Life Starts Here.

Each episode, Kristina delves deep in to the power of dreaming as she speaks with some of the world’s most inspiring thought-leaders, exploring the incredible impact dreaming has had on their lives. Listen, learn and be empowered to chase your own dreams with real insights and lessons you can use to build a dream life of your own.

On a mission to start a global Dream Life movement, Kristina has set herself the huge goal of inspiring 101 million people to dream big and make their dreams happen. And we want to inspire you to be one of those 101 million dreamers!

With the aim of creating a global community of dream chasers, each episode Kristina will be exploring the themes in her book, Your Dream Life Starts Here.

The book is filled with powerful ideas and simple proven tools that will help you transform your wishes into dreams, and then into an achievable one-page roadmap for creating your dream life – a life designed by you, for you.

#67: How You Can Dream, Believe, Challenge, Change and Achieve with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

#65: Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

 As we near the end of February, this can often be when the excitement of working on our dreams and goals starts to wear off a little. Dreaming big, choosing the right dream, setting goals and planning it all out is the fun bit, but executing the plans is often the hardest. Kristina knows she is not alone when it comes to feeling like this, so in this episode, she shares how she maintains the motivation to keep going, especially when it starts to feel a little difficult.

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#64: Peter Jumrukovski – Morning Routines, Shifting Your Mindset and Achieving Goals – Your Dream Life Podcast

#63: Love Yourself First! How to Make Self-Love a Priority with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina is talking all about love, and not just any kind of love; self-love!  When you love yourself, you are more likely to feel that you are worthy of living your dream life.  It’s important to remember that self-love isn’t the same as self-care. However, when you love yourself, you are so much more likely to take care of yourself. And when you take care of yourself, you are more likely to love yourself more.

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#55: The 4 Most Common Obstacles Holding You Back from Your Dream Life With Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

Kristina regularly asks her listeners and followers about the greatest obstacles that are holding them back from living their dream lives, and time and time again there are four answers that stand about above the rest. Can you guess what they are? In this episode, Kristina shares tips on how to overcome and work through the most common obstacles people face.

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#54: Sarah Davidson – Seizing the Yay, Overcoming Self-Doubt & Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude – Your Dream Life Podcast

#53: Planning for a Calm Festive Season and a Wonderful End to Your Year With Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

From getting organised in a calm and mindful way to thinking about the type of Christmas you want to have and preparing for the best year ahead, this episode is dedicated to helping you plan for a calm festive season (yes, it’s possible!) and a wonderful end to 2020, no matter what challenges the year may have thrown at you. Join Kristina as she shares her personal planning techniques and how her and her family will be making the most of this wonderful time of year, without letting the busyness off the season get the better of you!

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#52: Jane Lu – Failure and Success, Taking Risks and Never Giving Up with ‘The Lazy CEO’ – Your Dream Life Podcast

#51: Your Yearly Reflection Exercise for 2020 with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

#50: Kristine Carlson – Overcoming Hard Times, Managing Fear and Embracing Gratitude with Co-Author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Your Dream Life Podcast


#49: Top 10 Tips for Working Productively from Home With Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast


#48: Anna-Carin McNamara – Creating a Harmonious Living and Working Environment, Productivity and Dreaming – Your Dream Life Podcast

 This episode, Kristina took a little time to chat with her dear friend Anna-Carin McNamara, founder of Anna-Carin Design Studio and Author of Make a Home to Love – How to Bring Order and Beauty into Your Home the Scandinavian Way.

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#47: What is a Dream Life? with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

What is a dream life? What does living your dream life mean? If you’ve ever wondered these exact thoughts, Kristina’s latest episode is the perfect place to start!

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#46: Jodie Fox – Learning from Challenges, Exploring What Makes You Happy & Taking Action – Your Dream Life Podcast

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of global retail business, Shoes of Prey, Jodie Fox is someone Kristina has had on her list of people to meet for a long time. Not only because they have experienced some similar challenges in businesses, but because she has admired her entrepreneurial spirit and successes for some time.

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#45: Top 10 Tips for Living Your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

Whenever Kristina Karlsson speaks about creating your Dream Life, there is one question that pops up above all others – ‘where  do I start?’  This week’s episode is dedicated to helping you with exactly that! Inspired to help everyone begin their own dreaming journey, Kristina shares her Top 10 Tips for Creating Your Dream Life, whatever that means to you!

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In this wonderfully inspiring episode, Kristina speaks with the incredible Turia Pitt, who survived – but was badly burned in one of Australia’s bush fires while competing in a 100 KM ultra-marathon over 10 years ago.

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#43: Working Through Challenging Times with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

#42: Tanya Goodin – Reducing Screen Time, Creating Digital Balance & Living More Mindfully – Your Dream Life Podcast

#41: Taryn Brumfitt – Body Positivity, Self-Love & Embracing Joy in the Everyday – Your Dream Life Podcast

#40: Myles Hopper – Mindful Eating, Values & How Small Changes Create Lasting Results with Mindful Chef Co-Founder – Your Dream Life Podcast 

This episode, Kristina speaks to Myles Hopper, co-founder of the ethically-minded, healthy recipe box company Mindful Chef, whose mission is to help people lead healthier and more sustainable lives through simple recipes and ingredients sourced from local, ethical suppliers. With a wealth of knowledge on all things health, fitness, nutrition, business, and a passion for enjoying life and making a positive difference in the world, Myles shares the Mindful Chef journey with us along with plenty more inspiration.

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#39: Ruby Warrington – Working Through a Fear of Change, Treating Yourself with Love and Being ‘Sober Curious’ – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks to Ruby Warrington – an author, speaker, brand consultant, copywriter and thought leader on a mission is to inspire people to see the world through a new lens. Through her books, Material Girl, Mystical World and her latest title, Sober Curious, she invites us all to engage with life on a deeper, more meaningful level.

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#38: Lauren Armes – Personal Growth and Wellbeing, Challenging Your Own Beliefs and Understanding Your ‘Why?’ – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina catches up with the wonderful Lauren Armes – a brilliant entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker, and the UK’s leading business coach for female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. Through her company, Welltodo, Lauren dedicates her time to championing other women looking to build a powerful business, make money, and create lasting impact.

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#37: Cyril Peupion – Productivity, Time Management, Focusing on Progress not Perfection, and Creating Work-Life Balance – Your Dream Life Podcast

Our first episode for 2020 features the wonderfully inspiring Cyril Peupion, one of the world’s leading experts in productivity, time management and creating work-life balance – areas we could all use a little help in, especially at the start of a New Year! Listen as he and Kristina discuss simple actions that can help to make your work and life easier, common tips of high performers, how to create solid foundations for productivity and so much more!

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#36: Jess Hatzis – Resilience, Setting Boundaries and Understanding and Living Your Values with Frank Body Co-Founder – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode – our final one for the year! – Kristina catches up with one of the amazing founders of Frank Body – the gorgeous Jess Hatzis. Not only is Jess one of five founding forces behind the coffee-based skincare brand that has taken the world by storm, she is also a founder and director of the brand agency, Willow & Blake.

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Bonus Exercise: Your Yearly Reflection – Kristina Karlsson Guides You Through Her Annual Reflection Exercise in Preparation for a Wonderful New Year – Your Dream Life Podcast




Join Kristina as she chats with the wonderful Louise Roe – an influencer, author, TV host and lifestyle blogger who began her career in fashion journalism. With a huge social media following and a desire for sharing her love of style, Louise is passionate about helping women feel inspired and empowered, offering regular lifestyle advice through her popular blog, Front Roe.

After beginning her career as the news editor for in London, Louise has written for countless publications including Elle UK, In Style UK, and so many more!

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This episode, Kristina chats with the wonderful Sarah Stevenson – or Sarah’s Day as many of you may know her – a holistic, health and fitness vlogger, podcaster and influencer with a true passion for functional fitness, healthy recipes and healing the body naturally. Full of energy and zest for life, Sarah is determined to use her many platforms to reshape the health and fitness world. Listen now to learn how you can organise your time wisely, embrace a more active lifestyle, be more confident and build trust as a brand through being unapologetically yourself.

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This episode, join Kristina as she chats with the wonderfully inspiring Melissa Ambrosini. Bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, host of the number one podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, a motivational speaker, self-love teacher and named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine, she now dedicates her time to helping people across the globe to take ownership of their lives and unlock their full potential.

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